TEBEBA School of Writing

To a writer or writer-to-be, who is frustrated with writing as a career, and Makes NO or LESS Money from writing…

You Can Now Discover The Art Of Compelling 

Writing, Generate Cash On Demand, And Become An Influential Writer

Inside the TEBEBA School Of Writing In 4 Weeks…

Even if you:

  • Had NO Writing Experience Before
  • Have NEVER Gotten Paid To Write Before
  • Failed English At School
  • Are a Newbie Writer…or
  • Have Tried All The Courses But They Didn’t Deliver On Their Promises.

Dear friend,

You indeed can become the best writer who commands the respect of people and gain the freedom you always dream of…


Reading this message today might be the best decision you ever made this year…

Because at the end of this message, you will NEVER have to worry about your writing as a career again!

Once upon a time, Felix’s mother was lying ill in the hospital. 

Surgery was the only way out of her illness. And 200k was the only way to surgery.

Where would he get the money from? Who would he ask?

The last money he had received was what he used to sort out his school fees. He couldn’t go begging again. 

Because Felix was a maverick writer.

And someone who knew how to lead his readers on a journey and hold them captive till they screamed “yes” to his wishes. 

He didn’t have to say “Laugh”.

 After reading his piece, his readers would burst out in loud unstoppable fits.

He didn’t have to say “Change”. 

While reading his piece, his readers would pause in deep reflection. Then have a solemn moment, before deciding to change.

He didn’t have to say the word. His writing did the trick. 

That being said, 

Felix always commands the attention of his readers and makes them interested in whatever he is saying.

That’s it…

This guy writes!

Even my eyes never leave the screen at all whenever I’m reading his pieces. 

Because he knows how to bring the story to life…

When I’m reading his piece…

It was as if I was a child once again…

Everything he writes is so valuable. I would pay twice the price if he asked. 

The results I get from practising what he writes are fantastic!

As you know, Felix’s mother is in hospital.

And he needed money urgently.

Then, an idea occurred to him,

Felix, you have a goldmine — your writing!

Couldn’t you teach others how to write for a fee?

With how compelling you are, you could make a huge amount of money.

That’s how, out of desperation, Felix crafted a piece. 

It wasn’t to tell people of his mother’s condition but to get them to buy his course.

In one day,

Felix made 100k. By the third day, Felix had generated 250k, enough to pay for his mother’s surgery. 

Thank God, it was successful.

But see…

Before his mother’s illness, Felix had influence. 

His words had an impact. 

But the biggest proof of his skill?

He could also generate income from writing!

As far as most writers know, Felix had it all. Influence. Impact. Income. 

What more could they wish for? Felix would tell you — Effectiveness.

That’s why today, I want to introduce you to the best school of writing on the planet that teaches YOU:

  • A Sure-Fire Approach to Becoming an Influential Writer. 
  • How To Write Words That Impact The Life of People Positively – Using The Easiest METHODS…
  • How To Never Go Broke As A Writer — And Command The Fee You Deserved! 
  • The SUREST Approach To Be An Effective Writer And Stay Consistent
  • That’s NOT all…but wait

Let Me Ask You These Life-Changing  Questions:

  • How many times have you struggled to translate your mind-blowing ideas into writing?
  • How many times have you stopped writing halfway because that voice in your head keeps saying your piece is not worthy?
  • How long will you keep missing your writing goals?
  • How long will you keep doing the same thing expecting a better result?

Before you answer those questions…

Let me tell you what Albert Einstein once said….

 Insanity is Doing The Same Thing Over And Over And Expecting Different Results!

Felix knew this. He wasn’t always prolific.

But he knew that if he could live in people’s minds, he could make the kind of money he wanted.

And without a trial and error approach.

So he did something many people don’t do

He studied for several weeks, months, even years. 

He picked the brains of great writers and boreholes in their books to find their deepest secrets

Felix toiled and gained NOTHING as a writer for years!

  • But do you have to toil too?
  • Or do you have to spend years before achieving your writing goals?

No, you don’t.


Now, when information travels at the speed of light…

You can learn the same secrets that transformed Felix’s life in a few minutes.

Imagine if you could earn the income you desire through your writing.

Imagine not having to calculate your spending like a poor old woman.

Imagine being able to afford the lifestyle you deserve as an important person. 

Imagine sending money to your mother, your brother, or your struggling friend, without bothering about how you’ll survive.


Never Worry About How The Price Of Everything Is Going Through The Roof

Just imagine it!

Think of the people whose lives you can change with the knowledge you have.

Think of how you could prevent future catastrophes by writing your God-given message.

That’s why I’m telling you today,

Ignore that voice ridiculing you, telling you your message is not important.

Your message is!

Your voice matters. Your desires are valid.

Here are the BIG Secrets…

The reasons why you are NOT getting the kind of results you desired are:

You Have Been Exposed To The WRONG Information…

And Learning From The WRONG Sources!

That’s why the TEBEBA School Of Writing is different…

Because this is NOT a Course, Mastermind, Bootcamp, or whatever….

But a…

Life-Transforming School Of Writing That Guarantees Your Success!

Despite your struggles, you deserve to be that influential writer who can generate cash on demand.

You deserve it, and that’s why I want to share with you all the secrets that Felix spent years toiling for.

But first, let me tell you about my writing journey. I'm Emmanuel Olatunji the CEO of TEBEBA Global Publishing Ltd, a leading writing and publishing firm.

A USA Certified coach from New Skills Academy and I have written 6 books in just 2 months…

And recently, I got invited to meet the former president of Nigeria, President Olusegun Obasanjo and he asked about my book, which I presented to him that day.

I’ve been making 6 figures a month since 2017…

And I couldn’t have done it without the secrets I’m about to tell you in a few minutes. 

These secrets will guarantee your writing success…

Even If You Had NO Writing Experience, NEVER Got Paid To Write Before, Failed English At School Or  You Are A Newbie Writer!…

Without having to do a ton of trial and errors

Or spend years upon years before achieving the REAL success you deserved.

This school will help your writing career…

Even If You Have Tried All The Courses But have Not Delivered On Their Promises

Or you have FAILED times without number…

And you NEVER achieve ANYTHING Significant as far as writing is concerned!

But like Felix and YOU,  I was once broke and struggling. 

It was so bad that when I wanted to get married, people discouraged my wife. 

They told her that she would suffer if she married me.


Yet, through the secrets I will be sharing with you in the TEBEBA School of Writing, I built my influence and I’m now making impact in the lives of writers like you — positively!

I even started TEBEBA Publishing to help busy professionals become published authors.

That is why this is different from just any school out there…

Because you are NOT only going to be a professional writer, influential writer, six figures writer — 

But you will also become a Published Author!

Today, I generate enough money to provide for my wife and my three sons…Who lives with me in our duplex apartment in a highbrow estate.

Also, when Olusegun Obasanjo, the former president of Nigeria opened one of my books and was impressed with what he saw…He told one of his assistants to take it to his room because he would read it that very day.

In TEBEBA School of Writing,

7 life-transforming courses will help you to become a professional writer in 4 weeks maximum!

If you diligently apply the principles in them, you will experience mind-blowing success as a writer. 

And these are going to be included: 

  • Work Session 
  • Video Courses
  • And Texts Courses.
The school courses include:

Section #1: Influential Writing Framework Course…

Through this course, we’ll show you…

How to build your influence through writing and become a writer with a difference. 

This course is a framework that is exclusive to the TEBEBA School of Writing. 

You can’t find this course anywhere else in the world! 

Through this course, you will learn the secrets of great writers. 

It’s a course that will turn you into an influential writer. Guaranteed!

As you can see what past students said about the school below. 

Just wait because I’m just getting started:

There Are 10 Modules Under the Influential Writing Framework

Module #1: What You Need To Be An Exceptional Influential Writer – And They Are Easy!

Module #2: BulletProof influential Writing Mindset – You Will NEVER Have an Issue With Your Writing Again!

Module #3: How To Position Yourself To Attract WEALTH As An Influential Writer

Module #4: How To Easily Understand The In And Out of Influential Writing 

Module #5: influential Writing Made Easy Roadmap…

Just to mention a few from section one of the very first course in the school. 


Course #2: Effective Writing Mastery Course

What’s the point of being a writer without being effective? 

That’s why you need this course. 

Through this course, you will learn the secrets of effectiveness in writing

Whether you are a fiction or nonfiction writer; poet or academic writer, the truth is that you want to be effective at what you do.

Hence, this course will help you master the effectiveness of your writing skills.

Just like the testimonial below 👇

Just like the previous course in the school, this has 10 modules:

Module #1: Understanding Your PURPOSE As A Writer.

Module #2: Best And Sure-Fire Approach To Master CONSISTENCY As A Writer Every Single Day!

Module #3: How To Write Stories Like You Were Born With It.

Module #4: The Revolutionary Principles Of Effective Writing 

Just wait because I’m just getting started…

Course #3: Content Writing Mastery Course

This is one of the most lucrative writing skills anyone can learn today. 

In this course, you will be equipped with the necessary skills to become a professional content writer.

And it’s also bounded with 13 Modules:

Module #1: How To Create Content Using Everything Around You — And NEVER Out Of Content Again!

Module #2: The Badass Types Of Content You SHOULD Know And Create For Maximum Results.

Module #3: The Easiest Methods Of Creating Content That Drives 10 Times Results And Engagement!

Module #4: How To Create Content Across Your Social Media And Make Money Out Of It.

Module #5:  The Best Approach To Create Web Content That Double or Triple The Conversion Rates!

And many other modules…

Course #4: Grammar Mastery Course

In this course, you will learn how to master your grammar as a writer. This course will help you show you how to write excellently and efficiently with the English Language.

Course #5: Ghostwriting Course

Through this course, you will learn all the necessary skills you need to become an exceptional ghostwriter. 

You will learn all the strategies that I’ve used to make millions from this lucrative writing skill.

Which also helped me to meet the former president of Nigeria and requested my book!

There are more than 20 modules for this course alone such as:

Module #1: The Complete Guide On What Ghostwriting Is About – And How To Become An Exceptional One!

Module #2: Choosing The BEST Niche And Stand Out Among The Rest.

Module #3: The Quick And Easy Methods Of Doing Research For Your Writing Works!

Module #4: How To Write And Publish Your New Or Next Books – Using The Most Simple Ways.

That’s to just mention a few about the course details…

And now that you have the skills and abilities to write RESULTS-DRIVEN Pieces…

Course 6: Crush Your Writing Block Course

The term “writer’s block” is familiar to many today.

It’s a concept that has caused even the most talented writers to go unnoticed.

Some individuals, destined to become celebrated writers, ended up achieving nothing due to this phenomenon called writer’s block.

In this course, we’ll crush that block, ensuring you overcome any writing obstacles. Through this course, you’ll bid farewell to writer’s block forever.

In fact, this course will demonstrate that writer’s block is a myth.

This is another blockbuster course in the TEBEBA School of Writing.

It's Time To Make a Bunch Of Money As A Writer!

And that’s why you will also learn:

Guaranteed Writing Monetization Strategies - SPECIAL Approach!

This is the final course in the school.

And the only goal of this course is to show you all the money-making strategies in writing.

So, if you want to have many income streams as a writer, you will learn all that from this course.

The course modules include the following:

Module #1: How To Make Money Publishing eBooks Online 

Module #2: How To Make Money Writing Content And Ghostwriting For Yourself And Clients.

Module #3: How To Make Money From Writing Book Reviews And Critiques!

Module #4: How To Make Money Writing CV And Business Proposals 

Module #5: How To Make Money Through Sharing Of Your Knowledge To Others As A Coach! 

And a lot, lot more…

Here is something You need to know about now…

There are several modules in each of the courses and …

A 30-day school curriculum has been prepared for writers

So that you can have organized training

Simply put, 

Everything has been prepared just for you to have an exceptional experience during your session in the school.

With all these,

We bet you already know you are in for an amazing experience in this school. 

The TEBEBA School of Writing is a writing school like no other.

You Can’t Attend This School And Not Get Great Value…

The School Was Founded For Writers Like You!

And you can see below what other writers like you are saying…

About this UNIQUE School of Writing.

And that's not the only one…

And all these writers are NOT in any way BETTER than you! For you to get more understanding of how valuable this school is… Read what other graduates of the TEBEBA School of Writing said.

Apart from…

$10,000 Worth Of Bombshell Modules Listed Above… 

Here comes some of the other things you’ll also learn:

  • How to smash your writing goals, time and time again
  • How to generate steady cash flow from your writing skills
  • How to create highly engaging and inspiring online content for businesses and organizations
  • How to become a leading authority in your niche in the shortest time possible.
  • How to be an effective ghostwriter
  • How to build your writing passion
  • How to become consistent in writing
  • The core principles of writing that every world-class writer knows
  • How to leverage the power of storytelling to captivate your readers
  • The time-tested pillars of influential writing
  • How to become an influential writer who commands action from their audience
  • How to generate ideas without scratching your head and biting your pencil.
  • How to create powerful headlines that hook your readers and keep them glued to your content
  • How to make money consistently through content writing.
  • How to never be broke again as a writer and many more amazing topics.

And other life-changing benefits include…

  • Personalized certificate for credibility and higher chances of winning writing contracts.
  • Never-ending access to course modules
  • Extra video and text course materials 
  • Access to our writers’ community, where you can share your progress, get answers to your questions and draw inspiration from other writers.
  • Employment opportunity for the best student to work with us in our company.

Can You Imagine Being Able To Earn N300,000 to N500,000 Monthly, Just From Writing Alone? 

Think of the lifestyle you’ll be able to live with a yearly income of 4.5 million and above. 

Emergencies will not steal up on you…

The economy will not destroy you… 

And lastly, bills will have nothing on you!

Because you don’t have to say NO all the time to bills since you can afford them.

Think of this:

It could be YOU getting calls from people left to right begging you to write for them. 

It could be YOU bagging writing contracts from thought leaders and influencers all around.

It could be YOU who is so powerful that you can write anytime, anywhere, and anyhow you want.

And if you act Now-Today… by joining THE EXCEPTIONAL BEING on this journey, 

The following are the additional FREE bonuses you’ll get for joining the TEBEBA School of Writing:

  • Book Publishing Code
  • 100 Grammatical Errors to Avoid in Writing
  • The Pathway of a Successful Writer
  • Becoming a Highly Paid Writer
  • 70 Errors People Make on Social Media and How to Avoid Them.
  • Ghostwriting Mastery
  • Go Published, Go Global.
  • A – Z of Book Publishing
  • Success Compass
  • The Blogging Book

With all these amazing bonuses, then you know the fee you are paying is just a steal for you.

Now, let me ask. Will N500,000 be too much to pay to enjoy such rewards? 

As a one-time investment, will it be outrageous compared to the lifestyle you’ll be able to live? 

Of course, the answer is no.

Now guess what? 

We’re not charging you N500,000 for entry into the school.

If we charged N300,000, this would be a steal, but…

We’re not charging N300,000. 

We’re not even charging you N100,000!

Unbelievable, right?

Now, N50,000 would be almost FREE!

But we’re not pricing the School at N50,000.


You know what?

Gain immediate entry into TEBEBA School of Writing for just N25,000 today!

100% Money Back Guarantee If You Are Not Satisfied With The School Of Writing Courses After The Classes!

Yes, that’s it…

I’m guaranteeing you that this school will deliver more than your expectations

As you can see a testimonial below from the writer that is NOT in any way different from you!

But there is a BIG problem here.

And what is that problem?

The TEBEBA School of Writing Is Open For a Limited Time!

The enrollment for this new session will be closed soon…

And if you join this school this session, it might turn out to be the best decision you ever made this year!

Imagine if you could become a 7 or 8 figures writer?

Imagine not having to do the Math before buying your stuff because you are capable.

Imagine being able to afford the lifestyle you deserve as an important person. 

Imagine being the helping hand among your family and friends.

Imagine being able to write like you were born with it…

Writing without any writing blocks and becoming the most successful writer!


Never Worry About How The Price Of Everything Is Going Through The Roof

Just imagine it.

Think of the people whose lives you can change with the knowledge you have.

Think of how you could prevent future catastrophes by writing your God-given message.

And never worry about where your next income is coming from.

You Will Be Surprised With What This Student Who Graduated From Tebeba School of Writing Did…

Umeh Collins Ebube, one of the graduating Students of Tebeba School of Writing…

Sponsored 50 persons to join the Tebeba School of Writing!

He did this because this School was a life transformation for him and he wanted more writers to benefit.

Unlike the gurus or courses out there…This school of writing has made everything SIMPLE, EASY, and QUICK that…

Students Of Grade Three Could Easily Implement And Get Results Almost Overnight! 

Since you understand that you have nothing to lose enrolling in this school of writing…

And you know that the slots are open for a limited time… 

You can only join the next batch if you lose the chance today.

But you have two options…

Option #1: You go ahead and start doing everything all alone without direction…

And keep doing trial and error without any significant results.

Option #2: You can join us in the TEBEBA School of writing and never have problems with your writing career again.

You can join us today and be in a community where all your goals can easily be achieved.

Here’s The Link If You Choose The Best Option 

To remind you once again…

You have an instant 100% money-back guarantee. 

 Learn the secrets of influential, impactful writers and generate cash on demand.

Join the 250+ writers who have risen to influencer status, becoming 5, 6, and 7-figure writers through the TEBEBA School of Writing.

Pay today at N25,000 Naira only.

Emmanuel Olatunji,

Wish You The Best.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have our dedicated learning platform where all the courses are properly structured for your easy learning. And there is a WhatsApp group for communication purposes. 

You can see results within a month if you diligently and consistently apply all that you are taught in the school.

The entire school is self paced learning. All courses and modules have been pre recorded and you can learn at your leisure.

Results aren't typical. Some students started seeing results even while they were in the school, while others started seeing results after the school. So it boils down to how quick you start executing.

Yes, there is an instant money-back guarantee. This is because we know the value of what we are offering you. So, we guarantee you that if after you go through the entire courses in this school and you feel it was a waste of time, you ask for a refund.

Become a master at influential, profitable writing. Sign up today. Gain entry into TEBEBA School of Writing for just N25,000.

This is the most intensive writing school you will ever attend. Don’t miss this opportunity! Make your payment below.

Or you can make direct transfer of 25,000 Naira only to:

Emmanuel Olatunji 

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Afterwards, send your proof of payment as a WhatsApp message to 08186808323.

This is the most intensive writing school you will ever attend. Don’t miss this opportunity! Make your payment below.